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Stories of a Semi-Normal Girl

5 June
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Hi, I'm Michelle. I like a lot of things and hate a lot of things. I'll start with the things I like.
I like to write. I sometimes get yelled at for writing in class. I'm currently writing a book but I have plans to write a whole bunch more. I really love coming up with characters and giving them personalities and powers. When I'm down, I talk to drawings of them.
Drawing is another thing I like. I'm making a book of all the characters I've come up with ever since I was nine. I have an old sketchbook and a few binders that I will transfer drawings too. I draw in the anime-style because it's easier than drawing humans all the time even though I can draw them.
I love anime. My favorite animes are Death Note, Soul Eater, Future Diary, Code Geass, The World God Only Knows, Bleach, Naruto, Elfen Lied and many others. My friend and I are writing a manga.
I also like photography. I don't like being photographed because I'm rather shy, but I love taking pictures. Especially of the sunset. I just love the sunset for some reason. I usually take them from my deck since we can see the mountains very well from there.
I love paranormal investigating. The only haunted place I know of near my house is the Stanley hotel which is 20-30 miles away. I love that place. I stayed there when I was 10 and my friend and I used a Ouija board to try to communicate with the spirits. That's another story though. I've always been drawn to things supernatural. I'm not sure why. That's a reason I love Ghost Adventures so much.
Now for things I hate.
I hate annoying people. I get annoyed pretty easily but I'm too shy to say anything. I have a locker surrounded by all the obnoxious popular kids and it's quite annoying. They're always shoving me out of the way and make me late to class. I also hate those people that hug people in between classes. Our passing periods are only about four minutes and I really hate being held up in the hallway because of it. None of those people really have a reason to hug between classes, they're not crying or anything. I elbowed a couple hugging out of my way to make it to history before the teacher locked the door once. Another thing I hate about these annoying people is that they always bother me while I'm writing during study hall or something. Some people come up to me and just ask: Hey Michelle, whatcha' writing about? Is that your diary? I usually ignore them but sometimes they intend to try and take my book away. When they do that I threaten to hit them. It's not the best thing to do, but I hate getting bothered. Another type of annoying person I hate are the people who constantly apologize for no reason and ask if they're being annoying. I want to say yes, but then they'll probably lash out at me.
I also hate idiot teens. The idiot teens who want to have sex at 13. There's a girl in my grade who has had sex with about seven guys starting last year. I also hate it when they use gay as an insult and make racist jokes. Before winter break, two kids in my grade got busted for drug dealing. Oh, I should mention that I'm in mother-fluffing 8th grade(which means I'm 13). That's a pretty big fail if you ask me. When I found out about it, I facepalmed myself so hard that I left a mark. I also hate it when they brag about their F- on the history test. My lab partner in science, who happens to be the stupidest person I've ever met, does this. I'm glad the other guy in my group(who Is one of these types of people, only around other guys though) and his friend pranked him by giving him his sisters phone number and told him to call it saying it was his.
I also hate being called emo or goth. I don't even wear a lot of black. I just tend to not wear neon colors like all those annoying people I mentioned in the last two paragraphs. They also call me emo/goth because I have an incredibly deep voice. It's deeper than some guys I know who have already hit puberty. I swear if I didn't have long hair(it's to the middle of my back, just so you know.) and wore baggy clothing, I'd be mistaken for a boy because of my voice. In fact, I was once told that a person was eavesdropping on me and another person talking and they though I was a boy because of my voice. Another reason they call me this is because my normal expression looks like I'm either pissed off or depressed. My poker face looks like an "I'm going to fracking kill you" face.
I guess that's all I have to say. So uhhhh, I'm bad at closing statements. I'll just say:
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night!